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Consignment PCBA

Consignment PCB assembly services from CR Assembly are designed to provide our customers flexibility and freedom for their circuit board assembly needs, whether in volume or prototyping quantities.

Consignment PCBA

When you have in-house purchasing agents who procure and ship components or printed circuit board fabrications, consignment services can be an economical alternative to turnkey. Our outstanding quality work, traceability, and customer service still apply. We value every client and do our best to ensure a smooth process with exceptional results. Consignment Electronic Manufacturing Services include: PCB Assembly, PCB Testing, Drop-ship services using your labels and promo materials, when provided.


If you choose to e-mail at for bids on your printed circuit board assemblies, please include:

  • Gerbers

  • BOM

  • Assembly drawings

  • Centroid files

  • Build Quantity

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