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Production Capacity Capabilities
Lots of Printed Circuit Boards With Moun


Printed Circuit Board Assembly

CR Assembly is committed to dependable and scheduled deliveries, no matter your companies volume production needs. From medium to large quantities, CR Assembly can fit your PCB assembly demands.


Prototyping Capabilities


Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Prototyping costs can be costly and time consuming. CR Assembly offers quick 5-day turnaround times using customer supplied components, while still maintaining 100% traceability. 



Printed Circuit Board Assembly



CR Assembly's state of the art machinery and experienced production staff provides the capabilities to manufacture your electronic printed circuit board assemblies, from complex surface mount technology to through-hole wave solder. We use premium unleaded (RoHS) and leaded solder (upon special request). All while maintaining safe and traceable sourcing, an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and IPC-A-610 quality control. 


Surface Mount


Our pick and place machines can place 30,000 parts per hour, precisely placing 0201 passive to micro ball grid array components. Our state of the art machinery can accommodate:

  • Double-sided, multi-layered, or high-density PCB assembly

  • QFP’s, QFN's, CSP's, LCC’s

  • BGA placement

  • LEDs

  • Melfs, Electrolytic Capacitors, Shields

  • Odd-forms and Connectors

BGA Inspection Process

CR Assembly understands that components are precious.


We support customers using all types of Ball Grid Array components, from PBGA to Micro-BGA. ​CR Assembly uses BGA inspection microscopes to ensure shorts, bridges, and voids don't affect your assemblies. 


Electric circuit and CPU.jpg
Line and TH
PCB mounting by human hands.jpg

Through-Hole Technology



With our wave soldering machine and experienced hand solderers on staff, CR Assembly can handle any thru-hole project. Between automated flux sprayers and two preheating zones to properly activate flux we achieve optimal solder wetting. Our machinery can accommodate PCB's as small as 2”(50mm) and up to 15.75”(400mm) wide.​

Our Line

CR Assembly offers a completely RoHS line, from our screen printer to our wave solder. Special accommodations are made for customers seeking leaded solder. 

Our 9 zone oven has top and bottom zone forced convection air heating for precise temperature control, ensuring high quality re-flow regardless of component density

Main Line
Mech. Assem.



Elecromechanical Assembly

CR Assembly provides a full-service assembly shop, from PCB assembly to the finished product. Mechanical assembly capabilities include:

  • Prototype and production builds of mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies

  • Wire harness and cable assembly

  • Parts assembled into molds or fixtures using glue, snaps, or screws

  • Testing of each assembly/sub-assembly

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