Utilizing the same quality assurance methods and customer service excellence, we enable a smooth transition from the first article to volume production.

We make each individual PC board assembly prototype with great care, meeting your custom standards. We ensure consistency throughout this process.


Our Volume Production Services

include but are not limited to the following:

  • Contract labor with your components

  • Surface Mount and thru-hole technology

  • RoHS unleaded, leaded

  • Double-sided,multi-layered, high-density PCB assembly

  • 100% in-process and final inspections from experienced QC technicians

Consignment PCB assembly services from CR Assembly are designed to provide our customers flexibility and freedom in the circuit board assembly or prototyping process.

When you have in-house purchasing agents who procure and ship all of the parts to us for manufacture, consignment services are a popular and economical alternative to turkey. Our outstanding quality work and customer service still applies.

We value every client and do our best to ensure a smooth process with exceptional results.



Turnkey services are a vital asset to many of our customers. We take the headache out of ordering parts, getting the best deals on components for all of our customers. All you need to do is provide us with your complete BOM, gerber, and centroid files in 274-X format.

We do the rest.


Prototype services include but are not limited to:
  • Quick turn-around time available for prototype assemblies

  • Engineering/re-engineering support 

  • Special sample or test runs available for single or low quantity orders

  • Unit inspection in accordance with MIL-I-45208 and IPC-A610

CR Assembly offers semi-turnkey options:
  • PCB fabrication w/consignment components
  • Turkey components with your purchased PCBs
  • Assistance with out-of-stock components



Rework/Revision Services:

  • Removal/replacement of defective components

  • Circuitry modifications (trace cutting, wiring, re-wiring) 

  • Full board re-flow of cold solder joints from other assembly vendors


BGA Re-ball and Repair:

  • BGA replacement

  • Remove and re-ball

Combine your components with ours to find the fit you need to complete your project. 
Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing Services include :
  • PCB Fabrication 

  • Parts Procurement

  • PCB Assembly

  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly

  • Cable and Harness Assembly

  • Installation within an enclosure

  • Drop-ship services using your labels and promo materials, when provided.


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